Types of Learning Management Systems

After the covid-19 period, there is a drastic change in the demand and development of the different types of learning management systems.

So, Various schools, institutes, and many corporate houses start using learning management systems for the development and advancement not only of the institutes and corporations but also of the employee and students .

Learning management systems is cloud based learning management systems . 

Types of Learning Management Systems
Learning Management System(LMS)
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This type of learning management system software may vary from industry to industry.

It is very useful for schools, institutes, and industries to create an online learning platform for students and employees without any problem and they can upgrade and add new things at any time in LMS.

It also helps the management and institutes to track the performance and record of students and employees in a balanced way .

The main Benefit of a Learning management system, it not only saves the time but also saves the money for the organization

Kinds of Learning Management System

We categorize the types of learning management systems in two ways:


 examples of learning management systems
types of learning management systems
cloud based learning management systems
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Integrated LMS Vs Non-Integrated Lms

Integrated LMS is that  Which can integrate with any kind of systems in which we can import and export files and data without any problem.

Non-Integrated LMS is that we cannot integrate any data with any other system.

LMS with Course Creation vs Non-Course Creation LMS

LMS With Course creation is that in which we can create courses for the students and they can have separate login id in order to login LMS. LMS with course creation we can add and update new courses anytime without any interruption.

Non-Course creation LMS is that in which we cannot create courses for the students and employees.

Installed LMS software vs Web-based software

Installed Lms is the LMS that can be installed on the premises and it can be popularly known as an offline LMS system.

Web-based software is an Online-based LMS that can be added to the servers and can be used with the connectivity of the internet.

Hosted LMS vs Cloud-based LMS

Hosted LMS is the LMS where all data is saved on our own servers and all the data responsibility is of the particular institute and management.

On The Other Hand, a Cloud-based LMS is the LMS where data is stored on hosting servers, and all the responsibility for the data and storage of the LMS vendor.

Free LMS vs Commercial Lms

Free Lms is the LMS where they can use all the basic features and create the courses. This kind of LMS is used by small enterprises who want to test the LMS on a trial basis.

Commercial LMS is the LMS That includes all the premium features and it may have some monthly and yearly basis plan. This is generally a paid version.

Other types of learning management systems (LMS)


Corporate learning management systems
Learning Management Systems For Schools
Learning Management Systems For Healthcare
Learning Management Systems For Business
Types Of LMS on The Basis Of Industry – SoftwareDarzee

Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate LMS is the LMS which is specially designed for the corporate houses in order to train and educate the employee of the organization to give and develop their proper skills and knowledge.

Here Is The List Of The LMS For Corporate Houses

Learning Management Systems For Schools

The other type of LMS Is Related to School in which they can all the things such as attendance, assignments, online course and videos, and learning stuff. 

This LMS must have a separate panel for students and teachers. Teachers can add any type of learning stuff at any time whereas students can learn anything, anytime but the only thing they need is a login id to see that content. 

Here Is The List Of The LMS For Schools

Learning Management Systems For Healthcare

Learning management system in the healthcare industry is focussed on providing e-learning solution to healthcare professionals where they can get access to the courses and skills they want to develop. 

Here Is The List Of The LMS For Healthcare

Learning Management Systems For Business

Learning management system for business plays a very tremendous role in the development of skills and practical knowledge of the employees. They can get all these things on an online basis. 

Here Is The List Of The LMS For Small Businesses

Learning management System Software

All above systems are examples of learning management systems

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the most commonly used LMS?

Blackboard is the most commonly used learning management system But Blackboard usage is on a downward trend because of advancement and introduction of Online LMS. 
Even After Advancement Blackboard is used in most institutes and corporate business houses in order to educate and train the students and employees.

Is Google classroom a learning management system?

Google Classroom Is a Cloud-Based Learning Management System where students have a login id and they can access the course on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

What are LMS and CRM?

A learning management system is that in which we can train and develop the skills of employees and students through educational content whereas Customer relationship management is that where we can manage all the customer data and lead in one place.

What is LMS education?

LMS in education plays a very vital role because it helps the teachers to create the course, deliver the rightful content and track the record and performance of students . For Students it helps them to access the course any time with their login id.


In The End, we can say that the learning management system is now a necessity of every institute and business because it helps them to manage all the students and employees and train them through an online platform without any problem . The main advantage of LMS is that it is developed and customized according to the demand and requirements of the business to businesses and institutes. For students, all the lectures are available on LMS they can access and see them anytime, and for Teachers, They Can get to about how many students start learning and how many of them submit the assignments all these data is available through LMS.

In this way, we can say that LMS Brings a Tremendous change in the advancement and learning skills of the employees as well as students.

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