Learning management System (LMS)

Learning management system (LMS)  platform is web-based and cloud-based software, nowadays this kind of software is generally used in schools, institutes such as IELTS institutes, corporate houses, government institutions and agencies, local government bodies, and in many industries in order to train and educate the students and employee through the online structure which is also known as e-learning. This kind of software is operated in two ways the server and the mentor can do the essential thing, and students and employees operate the other thing. the main reason to use this type of LMS is to convert and upgrade the education and training platform from a traditional to a modern system through LMS. It not only saves them money but also saves the time of the management and institutes to more focus on other work also.

 What Do You Mean By a Learning Management System
Learning Management System LMS
Best learning management system software in 2022
Learning management system Features
What is the Scope  Of Learning Management System
 What Do You Mean By a Learning Management System-SoftwareDarzee

Best Learning Management System Software in 2022

All of the following softwares are the top learning management system that is generally used in present organizations, schools, institutions, and all government and non-governmental bodies in order to train and build confidence among mentors and mentees.

 360 learning 



Calf By Nuveda

Performance Pro

Open Lms

Matrix Lms

Talent Lms



Learning Management System Features

Feature Lms Learning Management System
Scope of Learning Management System

In order to train and better output from the staff and employees.  Lms platform must have the following features in order to satisfy the needs and demands of the institution and organization to achieve the goal as well as build confidence and learning experience among the staff members. 

LMS Integration 

 The Key Feature of LMS is that it must have an integrated option with other systems such as talent management systems, and association management systems in order to import and export data from one system to another.

Data Tracking

Data tracking is where learning professionals can track the learner’s journey through LMS software where they can get the exact picture of how the learners are doing, where they reach, and how they are performing and learning. 

Online Scheduling

The other main feature of LMS is where mentor and mentee can fix the meeting anywhere anytime without any boundation because in LMS software they schedule meeting with students and employees through virtual mode.

User Accounts Management 

In user accounts management, management can give access to a certain managerial rank person who can manage different users related to registration, enrollment and courses and training, give access to students and employees with their respective login id where they can see all the data and where they can see the submission of the specific assignment.

Assessment and Certification

Another Main thing we can do with LMS is that we can create, schedule, supervise and evaluate the test and performance of the personnel on the basis of evaluation there is a process in this where training employees and students get automatic access to certification once they completed the assignment or task given to them.

Types of Learning Management System

Types of LMS Learning Management System .
Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Management System
Objectives of learning management system
Two Primary Functions of An Lms
Types of LMS

  Integrated LMS Vs Non-Integrated Lms

Integrated LMS is where we can integrate one system with another system which helps us to import and export data without any problem whereas in non-integrated LMS we can’t integrate the data from one system to another.

LMS with Course Creation vs Non-Course Creation LMS

LMS with course creation is where we can create the course in LMS and this also helps us to develop unique course content in LMS without and difficulty whereas in non-course creation LMS we cannot create a course because there is no inbuilt feature in it.

Installed LMS software vs Web-based software

Installed LMS is that which is installed in a computer and laptop and which can be used in offline mode whereas in web-based software it can be used in the web portal and in an online system with the connectivity of the internet.

Hosted LMS vs Cloud-based LMS

These are two different kinds of software we can do hosted as well as cloud-based saas software. Hosted software is that which is hosted by ourselves and we are responsible for data storage and security of the server whereas in cloud-based and saas software that there is the full responsibility of the LMS vendor related to security and data storage in this we can more focus on developing the course without any problem and interruption.

Free LMS vs Commercial Lms

Free LMS is a learning management system where the institutes and organizations can enjoy the free version with limited features in LMS and this is to install by ourselves and whereas commercial LMS this known as a paid version where institutes and organization can extra feature other than the free version which is also known as premium version LMS and this is to install by the party or vendor company.

Learning Management System Advantages and Disadvantages

Every system may have two perspectives some have positive and some have negative perspectives also . so firstly we are going to talk about the advantages of a learning management system.

Organizes E-learning Content in one location 

The main advantage of learning management system software is that it doesn’t need a separate location and hardrive and disk to store the data separately. But all the data can be stored in one place without any problem

Providing unlimited access to E-learning material 

This software is providing unlimited access to e-learners to check and grab anything available in the LMS once all the courses and data related to learning are uploaded or published on Lms . they don’t need to attend live sessions because they can log in to LMS and gain knowledge about course anytime anywhere that’s why this system has a global reach.

Easily access Learner Progress and Performance

The learning management system also provides and track the progress and performance of the learners from time to time. this system not only helps the organization but also helps the learners where they are lacking behind. On the basis of the analytical report, the person can change the strategy in order to improve their skills.

Quickly and Conveniently Expands E-learning Courses

The other main advantage of LMS is that we can quickly and easily expand the courses in LMS without any problem and it is an updated version than the previous data . once it is updated on LMS then it is available to all students and staff members who so ever have to join the course or have access to login id.

Integrated Social Learning Experience

Lms Also help the learners in getting social learning experience because the admin of the LMS can add social links to the LMS related to Facebook, Instagram, and all online forums where the problems of learners can be solved. 

In this way, we can say that the above 5 points are the objectives of the Learning Management System.

Now we are going to discuss about the negative aspect of LMS . Following are the disadvantages of the learning management system. 

Administrative cost and setup time

The main drawback of LMS is that it requires a huge amount of administrative cost and also takes a lot of time to set up the learning management system in the organization. the cost can increase according to the needs and demands of the organization.

Requires IT and Programming Knowledge 

Another disadvantage of the learning software is that it requires more knowledge related to IT and Programming .If any Technical Problem arises then it can be sought out by a technical knowledge person and administrative staff cannot do it without any knowledge.

May lack of Features 

Another negative part of the LMS is that it has lack features in the freemium version. so we have to incur extra costs in order to get the premium version of it.

What Are The Two Primary Functions of an LMS?

The Learning management system has a number of functions that serve in the market but there are two primary functions of an LMS are as follows 

Facilitates training 

LMS also helps us in facilitating the training of the employee as well as a staff member of the organization. This training is not only helpful for the employee but also for the organization because they incur a lot of costs and from this, they can generate better ROI.

  Reduces Cost Of training

LMS Help us to reduce the cost of training but there is a general misconception is that LMS is a very costly product and ultimately leads to increment in the cost the truth is that it reduces the cost of many companies such as IBM And CISCO by nearly 40-60% when they shifted from traditional learning to online learning.

 What is the scope of Learning Management System?

Scope Of Learning Management System- Software Darzee

Multichannel eLearning 

Multichannel learning is one of the best scopes of the LMS because it provides ways or channels to learn things in a better way such as they are providing data in audio, videos, and pdf format which is suitable for everyone.

Use of AI in online learning 

The AI brings much more advancement in the development and up-gradation of the LMS because it provides a regular update to the learners and employees about add-on courses, adds all new things which are added to the LMS, and gives reminded and notifications to them.

Adaptive learning will help adult learners 

Adaptive learning will help the adults to adapt and learn things in a better way in order to upgrade skills and expertise in a particular field.

LMS will more focus on user engagement and experience

LMS will more focus on providing better user engagement and experience than traditional training because with the advancement of the LMS more features are also added to LMS such as personalized learning, social learning, gamification, and personal coaching and support. 


In the end, we can say that LMS will be going to play a very major role in the development of the organization as well as the advancement and learning skills of the students and employees. This LMS will not only useful for the higher corporate houses but also play a pivotal role in the small and medium industries in order to train the staff members. This will lead to a reduction in expenses and an increment in profit for the organization.

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